Ministry Involvement

One of the biggest things that we believe here at FBC Blum is the fact that we invest in people and not programs. What do we mean by that? Essentially what we want to communicate and do is spend our time truly living with one another and loving each another so that we may become more like Jesus. For someone who does not know Christ, this means we invest our lives in them so that we can lead them to Jesus instead of just inviting them to a church program, service, or event. Similarly for those who are already born again in Christ, we don’t just try to plug them into a small group or tell them to join our church, we want to invest our lives in them during the week. We use small groups, events, and worship services to help do this, but this is only part of it. So please come and be active here at FBC Blum, we have people who are going to love you and invest their lives in you no matter what age you are, where you come from, or who you have been. Our desire is to be like Jesus in every way and that means everyone is involved in the ministry. Won’t you come and be a part?!